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Struggling with his alcohol addiction, the former reality star often found himself getting in bar fights, arrested for DUIs, or even attempting suicide — something he's been very open about in the seven years since making the decision to get sober on July 23, 2010. Yup, ANOTHER cast member from the mid-'00s hit reality show is expecting a baby.

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The parents of Marissa Tomei are putting back the pieces of their broken home after winning their two-year court battle against the son of John Lennon.

Gary and Addie Tomei sued Sean Lennon back in 2015 claiming ever since he purchased the property next to them in 2009, both located on West 13th Street in New York City's Greenwich Village, he has refused to cut down a tree in his front yard whose roots were destroying the Tomei home.

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So Faith and her sister-in-law Kate both board the next plane for Italy hoping to find her Damon.

Peter (Robert Downey, Jr.) and Faith (Marisa Tomei) reenact the infamous Mouth of Truth scene made famous by Gregory Peck's prank on Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday (1953), while at the Bocca della Verità in Italy.

As fans can see here, Zendaya is all an actual queen when it comes to shutting down dating reports.

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It's pretty cool when we get to see famous icons that are classy like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor posing nude for old photographs. However, all thanks to major technological advances by humans, we now have mobile phones and the HD cameras that they have built into them, to see almost every single female celebrities private parts. Once a celebrity takes a nude selfie, a snapshot of her boobs or pussy, or even makes a sex-tape, they risk being seen by the entire planet in their birthday suit, and doing the nasty as well.

Any fool could see that they were in love from the moment they met!

Gary and Addie Tomei are suing Sean Lennon claiming in the six years since he purchased the property next to them, both located on West 13th Street in New York City's Greenwich Village, he has refused to cut down a tree in his front yard whose roots are now destroying the Tomei home, this despite numerous requests from the couple.

From the Ouija board, she has found the name of her missing half, and it is D-A-M-O-N B-R-A-D-L-E-Y.

Later, at the carnival, the fortune teller sees the name Damon Bradley in the Crystal Ball and Faith is convinced.