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On Whats Your Price.com, dates go to the highest money bidder. Just when we thought dating services couldn't get more wacky than the one that tests your DNA for compatibility, someone had to create a website that allows members to bid on attractive users for a first date.

If you're attractive, single, and broke, consider creating a profile on Whats Your

8 Things Guys Should Omit From Their Online Dating Profiles Once an offer is accepted, the site will unlock the messaging capability to let the two users plan out their date.

The bidder will pay the website a percentage of the final price and will hand over the rest on the first date. Honor your favorite culture by dressing in their clothes and eating their cuisine. On a less whimsical note, it also advises bidders to pay 50 percent at the start of the date and 50 percent after it.

At the bar, she might decide to go for the “highest bidder”—the hottest guy she can get—or she might make a riskier long-term bet with higher potential payoff.

If she’s lucky, she might happen upon the rare grown New York man who qualifies as a “discounted bond,” undervalued by the market, perhaps because he dresses poorly or hasn’t yet hit his bonus stride.

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The glitzy charity gala is expected to be an “elegant evening” with a cocktail reception, live auction and performances, according to Page Six.Made magnificent liability semimonthly period is the time gay people were limited to the conditions set out section to national security agency police opened.Absolutely, single motorcycle riders to the harley dating site.Name your price, wait for the offers to come in, and haggle with the bidder until you've reached a deal.On your first date, pick up the cash and hope that the person is as cute as he is generous. How to Have an Irresistible Online Dating Profile According to the website's About section, people have plenty to gain by joining this dating site instead of of the conventional ones.It will be held at the Domaine Bertaud Belieu vineyard in the French Riviera.