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He was the original sponsor of charter school legislation and was involved in the passage of Governor Pataki's proposal to create charter schools in New York State in 1998.

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RYAN REYNOLDSReading Reynolds's Twitter feed shows it probably wasn't too much of an acting stretch for him to embody the witty, sarcastic mind of anti-superhero Deadpool.His irreverent social outpouring will have you laughing out loud and striving for the ability to craft one, just one, Tweet as sharp and snicker-inducing. If you're not following Danny Dyer on Twitter, you're missing out, you massive melt.5. Sure, he might not be everyone's favourite musician, but fortunately James Blunt's fully aware he's about as popular as a fart in a lift and he's not afraid of a bit of self-ribbing. Fortunately Richard Herring is, and he's nailed the art of Twitter humour too.Right” (as he calls himself) is a renegade hit man on the run from his boss (Tim Roth) after Mr.Right decides he’d rather rub out those paying for assassinations. Even other TV stars are totally hyped for the fantasy series, live-tweeting episodes, showing off their gear, and meeting cast members at award shows. I mean, I am infinitely grateful - I'm so lucky - but it's been a really crazy year.

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E.", "It's A Sunshine Day", "The Sound Of Silence", "I'm Coming Out", "Mo Money Mo Problems", "True Colors", "CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!Whether you're only just joining the Twitter revolution (seriously, what's taken you so long?), or you're simply looking to spruce up your feeds, these are the funniest celebrities on Twitter that you need to follow.It takes place in a separate troll world, where the trolls are perpetually happy and have little wristwatches that tell them when it’s time to hug someone.(Not that they need any persuading.) Kendrick voices the queen troll, while Timberlake is the rare grumpy troll she has to team up with after the bad guys, weird goblin looking things called Bergens (why Bergens, of all possible names for troll-eating goblins? It’s all a pretty elaborate, labored way of dressing up the fact that Dream Works basically just said, “Let’s make a movie based on those toys,” but, in the few clips shown at the presentation, the animation was pretty and Kendrick is a natural choice to play a sprightly little creature.And what a confusing, fantastic collision of hideous plastic figurines and high-end Cannes elegance it was.