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There might be some different worksheets (or workbooks) that you have in your collection with data arranged differently, but you’ll still want to create a pivot table.In this tutorial, we will use the consolidating sample file. The workbook contains four worksheets, and all those worksheets are data collections that you can use to combine into a Pivot Table.

Further information: We need to make sure that there are no blank cells anywhere in our data table.Consolidating means to combine or summarize data from two or more worksheets.The worksheets do not have to be in the same workbook.On the Team1 worksheet, you can see that there is a rectangular region of data; it starts here in cell B3, and runs down the cell F7.It’s very important that your data be in a perfect rectangle. If we were to have Product in cell B2, and Year in cell C2, the data values would not be perfectly rectangular.It is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, and Office 365.