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Art show opening are not intimidating

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We hear a lot about building new housing, retail, and offices, but space for artists to work is also a valuable part of neighborhoods. When artists have work spaces in our communities, it can make art more accessible to the regular person.

Many artists open up their studios to the general public, either regularly or during special events, and May is a big time for these “open studios.” The next few weekends are great times to look at art, meet artists, and see the kinds of spaces artists use for their creative work, with events in Dupont/Logan/U Street, Trinidad, and Mount Rainier/Hyattsville, plus regular opportunities in Brookland and Alexandria.

If you’re going to get a free meal in the bargain, the least you can do is stop by, if only for the last 15 minutes of the opening. But if you absolutely have to, you’d better be charming enough that your ignorance about the show won’t matter. Be a good sport when it comes to the name game Gallery dinners are filled with familiar names and faces, but sometimes the faces are more familiar than the names. After you’re done mingling with people at other tables in between courses, don’t forget to give out your business card and get some in return and study them on your way home before all the names and faces just become a big jumble until the next night out.

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There also seems to be a stereotype associated with galleries, art museums, and those who enjoy “fine art” – in atmosphere, attitude, as well as personal characterizations; largely negative from those not steeped in the art world. But, at times, you’ll also find us blasting Led Zeppelin and talking sports at the bar on the second floor.

News flash – you don’t have to carry a degree in art history to enjoy and appreciate it.

It’s totally fine to just like a piece because you like it. When you hear a new song you like or are introduced to a new sound, I’d venture to say you don’t think to yourself, “Eek, I’ll sure feel stupid if someone asks me to analyze the melody or speak in-depth about how it was arranged.” If someone asks me why I love Pearl Jam, I’ll tell ‘em it’s because their music makes me happy.

Give it a quick read before you start walking around, aiming to at least figure out whether it is a solo or group show, the name of the artist or artists and a few key details about their work. Small galleries can’t handle a crowd and large galleries are usually packed on opening night.

Take a few friends or a date, and choose people who are genuinely interested in being there. Try and articulate what you like about it, what it reminds you of or how it makes you feel.