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With little more than a month until the November 4 vote on the revised proposal for a million renovation of Monument Mountain Regional High School, public debate over the project has become crowded with a field of passionate advocates, equally energetic opponents, a flood of new questions, a toxic stew of online diatribes accusing the School Committee and Berkshire Hills administration of deliberately deceiving voters, and even an alternative renovation plan.

One of the questions raised by skeptics of the renovation is whether Berkshire Hills should pursue a consolidation with neighboring school districts, some of whose facilities may be under-populated, rather than adding space to the 46-year-old Monument Mountain complex at considerable expense to taxpayers.

For these reasons, decisions to deconsolidate or consolidate districts are best made on a case-by-case basis.

Additionally, evidence continues to build demonstrating the advantages of small schools in attaining higher levels of student achievement.

Larger schools, in contrast, have been shown to increase transportation costs, raise dropout rates, lower student involvement in extra-curricular activities, and harm rural communities’ sense of place.

School consolidation continues to be a topic of great concern for many small rural school and districts.

While advocates for consolidation commonly cite fiscal imperatives based upon economies of scale, opponents have responded with evidence undermining this argument and pointing out the prominent position of the rural school in the economic and social development of community.