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Updating fuses to breakers

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That's why we say the fuse blow and circuit breakers trip.Circuit breakers, on the other hand, have predetermined limits also, but trip when they exceed the limit and are able to be reset.This makes circuit breakers reusable, while fuses are a one-time thing.Sizing subpanels to the need of your anticipated load can be tricky.Often, while inspecting older homes, I will still find electrical systems that are considered antique and cannot reasonably or safely handle today’s electrical loads.Long ago, a 60 Amp electrical system was normal and could suffice for the home’s occupants in that era.This panel may be a fuse panel or a circuit breaker panel.These panels have certainly changed over the years.

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A short circuit can expose a wire to hundreds of times more current than the wire can handle — instantly melting the insulation and starting a fire.Think about what we have nowadays and add them up: multiple televisions and DVRs, computers, clothes dryers, electric ranges, air conditioners or heat pumps, microwave ovens, refrigerators, surround sound systems, and then add in the lighting circuits.It doesn’t take long to figure out that the electrical needs of homes in the 21st century far surpass those of homes that were wired in the 1920s.The Home Inspection Professionals in Binghamton, New York Members of the American Society of Home Inspectors.Proudly serving the Southern Tier of NY and Northern Tier of PA since 1989.But we like electricity — a lot — so we take extra steps to ensure our circuits are safe and reliable.