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A young intelligent, workerholier, obedient, loyal army officer to his Boss was declared death by hanging after been 13 years on trial by the Federal high court in Lagos.
Unlike those nasty women of yesteryear--Clare Boothe Luce, Ilka Chase--the women who inspired The Women--I have no stake in being queen bee.

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Here's our eye-opening conversation: Can we talk about gay men, black and white? And Mark, please tell the other white gays that desiring black men sexually does not make them any less racist.

And I also want to discuss what it means for an HIV advocate who is white to be a supportive ally. So much of how I understand what it means to be anti-racist, if that's even possible, is not just about mastering the right or wrong things to say. It's something you have to constantly work against. Milo Yiannopoulos is currently the queen of this line of thinking. What does "sexual racism," is that's the term for it, look like to you? There have been a lot of writing about white men who don't find men of color sexually desirable.

I'm more interested in seeing more stories from black men who love and partner with other black men.

What does it mean for black men to celebrate black love?

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